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My Favorite Way to Read the Bible

If you're looking for a great Bible, I use the Life Applications Study Bible (New Living Translation). I use it to study God''s Word, grow in faith and get a closer relationship with Him.

However, my favorite is the second edition (used). I think the translation and study notes are better. So, I continue to buy used copies of this version regardless of the new editions they put out.

I love this Bible because it's easy to understand and has study notes (words of wisdom) at the bottom of each page that help me overcome my daily struggles.

The study notes also explain the meaning behind a lot of the scriptures in the Bible that are difficult to understand.

My Favorite Way to Learn the Bible

In order to write testimonies on specific topics, I need to do some topical research.

In my pursuit to find a great book that helps me do this, I came across The Complete Topical Guide to the Bible. It lists all the scriptures in the Bible under specific topics so you can learn a lot about each one and easily study specific subjects and themes of interest.

And it's better than a concordance because concordances only list scriptures that use the same word, whereas The Complete Topical Guide to the Bible uses scriptures that include related words with the same or similar meaning.

It's perfect at helping you learn more about God's word at all stages in your Christian growth.

My Favorite Way to Get Answers

When I want to know more about the Bible, Got Questions is one of my go-to sites. It pretty much answers most, if not all of the questions, I have.

What I like about this site is that it doesn't waste time beating around the bush. It gets straight to the point about what I need to know.

And it backs everything it says up with scripture.

It provides the perfect balance of insight and education and helps me easily grow in my knowledge about the Word of God.

My Favorite Way to Search Topics

GospL Resources Recommendation

I love looking up scriptures on certain topics and one of my favorite ways to do this is through Open Bible.

You simply put in a topic on something like love and it will spit back a ton of scriptures on that subject.

That's it!

It's an easy way to find a plethora of verses on things you want to know about and learn a lot about the Bible at the same time.