by Holy Ghost & Israel Peniel

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*Oh ah coshi di, I am here today,
Surrounded by, oh I’d–I’d like to stay,
And a life that’s like mine,
But I always end up gray.
Surrounded by death and lies,
I tried it twice. I’m gray.

And all those things that remain here
aren’t there, aren’t here, are they?
All the traitors run me, surround me,
They all want me,
They like to kill and destroy me,
They will try everything they could be,
But they won’t be with integrity.

All these traitors they betray me,
I like the white, I like the light,
but I am always gray,
Won’t you traitors betray

I’ll try to be your God, won’t let me.
All you traitors think you’re God today,
Curse me, make gray,
Won’t we just stay this way.

Such a disappointing life you’ll lead all the way to that old grave.
Won’t you dig up your casket for me
Just one more step until you’re dead
It’s like you always long to be
Just trade places with me–
The life I live today.


All you traitors they betray me.
My white will be my light will be
Your life will be [just] gray.

All you traitors think you own me
Curse all of me, take all of me,
Steal all of me that way.

Oh you traitors just betray me
[Stray] me, betray me, [stray] me
Surround me, kill me, just destroy [me] that way.

All you traitors think you own me
Will kill me, just kill me, destroy me, just kill me
You love to see me die for eternity.

Traitors just are that way. Can’t admit the guilt that lurks within. They pass the buck. They paas it on.
Never owning up to one thing they’re
Guilty of. Such a shame.

All you traitors think you’re God Himself. You pretend you’re just all these wondrous things. Never owning up to anything. No guilt, just everything’s my fault. Yeah yeah,
You traitors die that way, you live that way.
You exist that way.

All you traitors disappoint me.
You kill me. You steal from me.
And still say you’re not guilty that way.

β€” Exodus 20:2-17

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